Summer Term Newsletter

Welcome to the Summer Term at The Psalter Lane Nursery, hopefully it is going to be sunny one where we can be outside exploring the garden, so don’t forget your sun cream and hats.
It is a busy term with children getting ready for school. Hopefully you have received confirmation of your child’s school places and we would be very grateful if you could let your child’s key person know which school they will be attending in September 2018. We will be completing a Transition Form for your child which will inform their new school about their learning and development in the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Parent’s Evening
Our Parent’s Evening this term will be held on Tuesday 12th June 4.00pm—6.30pm. This is an opportunity for you to come along to discuss your child’s learning and development with their Key Person and for those whose children are going to school.
Please speak to your child’s key person to arrange a suitable for Parent’s Evening. We would like to ask that your children do not attend it with you!
Holiday Club
Summer Holiday Club 9.00am – 3.30pm
Week 1 Week 2
Tuesday 24th July Tuesday 31st July
Wednesday 25th July Wednesday 1st August
Thursday 26th July Thursday 2nd August
Week 3 Week 4
Tuesday 7th August Tuesday 14th August
Wednesday 8th August Wednesday 15th August
Thursday 9th August Thursday 16th August
* Booking Forms must be in
before: Friday 22nd June 2018
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Attendance and Funded Places
It is important for your child to attend Nursery
Regularly and on time so that they can learn and
develop their skills and knowledge. If your child
Receives 2, 3 and 4 year old funded learning then
it is a requirement that your child attends their
sessions regularly and arrival and collection times
are adhered to, so we are able to claim the grant from the Council. We cannot claim the grant for
your child if the requirements are not met and
sessions may have to be paid privately!
Please apply sun lotion to your child before they come to nursery. We can re-apply your child’s sun lotion to them in the afternoon if they are at nursery all day. Please label your child’s lotion and sun hats with their name.
Leaver’s Party

Hopefully the weather will be sunny as we hope to have a leaver’s picnic on 22nd June for the children and families that are going to school in September. Bring a picnic to share with your child and enjoy the fun and entertainment. Invites will be sent our
nearer the time.

We know that it is a busy time at Nursery at the beginning and end of sessions but could we please remind parents/carers that there is NO PARKING in the cul-de-sac or on the double yellow lines around Nursery. Please help us keep all children safe at Nursery by not bringing cars in the cul-de-sac.

Could you please complete a Holiday Form for any holidays you have planned so we know your child will not be in Nursery.
Summer Term Dates

First Half Term Begins Monday 16th April
May Day Bank Holiday Monday 7th May
(Nursery closed)
Half Term Monday 28th May — Friday 1st June
Second Half Term Begins Monday 4th June
Term Ends Friday 20th July

Invoice Payment Dates
The first 50% of the fees must be paid and cleared by Friday 11th May 2018. The remainder of the fees must be paid and cleared by Friday 6th July 2018. All Extras must be paid for within 7 days of the invoice issue date. Charges will be made for late Payments!

Our topics this term will include Growing, the children are looking at plants and how they grow and change, what they need to grow etc. This will be supported with stories and lots of fun
activities! We are also learning about travel and preparing for school.

Our Show and Tell Days for Oak Room and Garden Room are:

Monday 23rd April Tuesday 12th June
Tuesday 1st May Wednesday 20th June
Wednesday 9th May Thursday 28th June
Thursday 17th May Friday 6th July
Friday 25th May Monday 9th July
Monday 4th June Tuesday 17th July

For all our children that will be leaving us in July:
Get your child ready for their new routine by
switching their meal times to match those of the school day. Encourage your child to explore new environments and interact with new people Talk to your child about what they are most looking forward to at school.
Let your child practise putting their new school uniform on and taking it off.
Establish a good bedtime routine so your child’s not tired for school.
Please take the leaflets at the bottom of the stairs with information about being ‘Ready for School’.